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Men’s Brands For All The Gentlemen

These men’s brands are for the gents. So far, most of the brands and promotions we at Volume Retail have spotlighted have been for women. But, fair not, we haven’t forgotten about the guys reading. Or the people looking for gifts for the men in their lives. We’ve got accessories and skincare because men too …

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Soap Brands To Support During Quarantine

These soap brands will take your cleanliness up a notch. Which is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not only important to keep our homes and the surfaces we touch most clean. But, ourselves and the loved ones were in quarantine with. Regardless, before, during, and after quarantine shop these soap brands …

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Furniture And Decor Brands For Home Makeovers

These furniture and decor brands are for you if you answer yes to one or more of the following questions. Are you looking for a new project during isolation? Has it been on your mind for a long time to revamp your home decor? Have you ever seen those home makeover shows on tv and …

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Eco-Friendly Brands To Celebrate Earth Day

Eco-friendly brands and having a sustainable mission statement is becoming more popular than ever before. As popular as flip phones in the early 2000s. And, with climate change becoming a pressing issue now more than ever. It is crucial that business or individual, we all play our part. So, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of …

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Stay Home And Light These Candle Brands

Not all candles are created equal. Some release carcinogenic toxins. And some are simply not eco-friendly. But, the following list of independent brands offer candles you can feel good about lighting. So, during social distancing, let’s air out our homes and change up the aroma with these candle brands.   Sara’s Soaps and Candles Sara’s …

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These Skincare Brands Will Have You Glowing

These skincare brands are here to give us what we all want. That “I woke up like this” glowing skin. With these brands, you no longer have to worry about complicated and frustrating skincare routines. Instead, you’ll get reusable items to apply the product and a wide range of skincare items to choose from.   …

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Spark Joy In Your Home With These Ceramic Brands

These ceramic brands will add a little joy to your home decor. How? Well, from potted plants to animals, you can bring the outdoors inside. All while you stay home. And we could all use a little more joy in our lives especially given the circumstances. So here are the ceramic brands whose promotions you …

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Spice Up Your Kitchen With These Brands

It’s time to spice up your kitchen! Since we’re all going to be at home for at least another month. And a lot of us are running out of things to do. So for those looking for a new project. It’s time to take your cooking and kitchen to the next level. These independent kitchen …

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Independent Brands Tea Lovers Can SupportĀ 

Tea lovers rejoice because this article is for you! Last week, Volume Retail wrote an article spotlighting independent coffee shops and roasters running promotions during social distancing. But we know that coffee isn’t for everyone. And some even like both. So, if tea is more up your alley, read on to hear all about promotions …

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Stationery Brands Your Loved Ones Will Appreciate

These independent stationery brands are set-out to make social distancing a little less straining for us all. You miss your family and friends. They miss you. But, the silver lining is you can make your presence felt by sending your loved ones a little long-distance love with these greeting cards and more by stationery brands …