Eco-Friendly Brands To Celebrate Earth Day

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Eco-friendly brands and having a sustainable mission statement is becoming more popular than ever before. As popular as flip phones in the early 2000s. And, with climate change becoming a pressing issue now more than ever. It is crucial that business or individual, we all play our part. So, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today, Volume Retail decided to spotlight independent brands that are leading the fight against global warming. And are offering promotions during social distancing. These brands do it all from preventing plastic from ending up in our oceans, offering more sustainable replacements to everyday products, and more. So, here are the eco-friendly brands we are spotlighting in honour of Earth Day.




To kick off our list of eco-friendly brands is Abeego. Abeego is a reusable beeswax wrap brand. Their wrap protects & breathes produce like a natural peel or rind similar to an orange. As a result, your food is preserved longer and kept fresher. When it comes to application, all you have to do is use your hands to squeeze Abeego around your foods and bowls. Then, store it in the fridge. And uncover when you’re ready to use them for fresher and livelier food. Also, Abeego wraps are reuseable which means you save money in the long run. And when you place an order of over $35 you get a bonus large wrap set and oat box granola. 



Linda Lee Chocolates


Linda Lee Chocolates is an artisan, superfood chocolate company. They believe that chocolate can taste good and be good for you. As a result, all their chocolates are organic, non-GMO, paleo, and infused with probiotics and superfoods! On top of that, what makes them a great eco-friendly brand is that every chocolate bar is vegan. Which means animals are not being harmed in the process. If you are like us and enjoy treating yourself to some chocolate. Support Linda Lee Chocolates and get free shipping North America wide on orders over $50.




Most shampoos and conditioners come in plastic bottles that will go to waste as soon as we are done with them. But Liliblanc is changing that. They are an all-natural handmade zero waste cosmetics company. Specializing in shampoos and conditioners, their packaging is made from recyclable materials with an approach to use as little packaging as possible. So much so, that they are apart of the Quebec Zero Waste Association. And for a limited get 15% off with the code RETAIL15.



The Green Cannabis Co


A couple of days before Earth is another very popular day know as 420. So for those who are 420-friendly and looking to be more eco-friendly, The Green Cannabis Co is right up your alley. They are print-free, plastic-free, the materials for their products are Canadian, with that material the products are also made in Canada, their products are reusable, and they ship responsibly by not offering rushed or overnight shipping. But don’t worry your order will still make it to you in due time and you’ll get 25% off said order.



Malleable Jewellers


Malleable Jewellers is an ethically-conscious jewellery brand. But, what makes them ethically-conscious and eco-friendly? Well, they re-purpose precious metals to create stunning, minimalist new pieces. During social distancing, they are offering a 15% discount across their entire catalogue. And, an additional 10% of sales proceed will be donated to the WHO Coronavirus Relief Fund. All you have to do is use the code #allinittogether and you’ll be supporting not one but two worthy causes.



Earth Warrior


Now for this one, the brand name speaks for itself. Earth Warrior creates zero-waste products by re-purposing clean, unwanted textiles. By doing so, they diminish the textile waste from entering landfills or being shipped off to third world countries. As a result, not only do they reduce textile but plastic waste as well. Doing good for the earth while providing beautiful everyday items is what they do best. So, place an order and get free front porch delivery in Edmonton or free shipping for orders over $60.



Freon Collective


Old English for “friends or friendship”, Freon Collective is all about a sense of community. Empowering other independent businesses. And creating beautiful, zero-waste goods. This means no matter which skincare brands are in your bathroom. You can feel good about being kind to the planet with Freon Collective’s reusable cotton pads and other eco-conscious products. So give your skin and the planet a little love and get free shipping on your order for a limited time.



When drafting this article, we came across a good problem to have. We had so many brands to choose from that are doing their part for a better environment. So, this list is only a few of the amazing eco-friendly brands running promotions at this time. To learn more about the many other brands we could of included visit Till then, Happy Earth Day!

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