Stay Home And Light These Candle Brands

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Not all candles are created equal. Some release carcinogenic toxins. And some are simply not eco-friendly. But, the following list of independent brands offer candles you can feel good about lighting. So, during social distancing, let’s air out our homes and change up the aroma with these candle brands.


Sara’s Soaps and Candles


Sara’s Soaps and Candles makes 100% hand-poured soy candles. They offer various collections of candles including their best-selling Canada collection. Inspired by scents from the east to the west coast of Canada. So, explore the different provinces and territories of Canada from home. And get a free wick trimmer with every purchase while supplies last. As for orders over $100 you’ll get free shipping.



Coal and Canary

The Coal and Canary brand was founded by best friend duo Tom Jansen and Amanda Buhse. With the intention of making candles for the design-conscious hip and young professionals. And our favourite part about the brand is that their candles have been featured in swag bags at the Oscar, GRAMMY, and Golden Globe. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of getting a glimpse of the celebrity life without having to be a celebrity. This is the brand for you. And, during this time, Coal and Canary are offering free shipping across Canada.



Lucky Clover Candles

Lucky Clover Candles is a family-owned and operated business. Based in Ontario, they make candles in a variety of traditional and unique styles. Their candles come in lovely and delicious scents such as lavender, chai, coffee, and sage and copal. So, whether you grabbing some coffee candles, lavender, or a mix you’ll get 10% and free shipping for orders over $100.



Lares Candle Co


Lares Candle Co was founded by Mihail who fell in love with the candle making process at a young age when watching his grandmother hand-pour tapered candles. Later he worked for a candle luxury candle company in London. Today, he pours his ever-evolving love of candle-making into each of his candles. So, place an order and get candles at a promotional rate and $2 from every order is donated to Saint Micheal’s Hospital. Bonus, get free deliveries for orders in the Toronto area.



Sourced & Salvaged

Sourced and Salvaged

Sourced and Salvaged has a wide variety of hand-poured soy wax candles made right here in Toronto, ON. On top of that, they offer smudge wands that are wonderful for all occasions from rituals, ceremonies or simply burn it for its aroma. Regardless, until April 30th, 2020, you can save 25% on your order when you shop with them online. And if you live in Downtown Toronto lucky you because you also get free delivery. 





Handmade in Toronto, Lohn candles are handcrafted with botanically-based fragrances, organic coconut and soy wax blends, and a non-toxic cotton core wick. They are vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free. So visit their website and to place your order and get free shipping in Canada for orders over $75 using the code FREESHIP. Bonus, once you spend over $39, they will donate $5 to Daily Bread. 



Terradomi Candle Co

Terradomi was founded based on the following values: a love of design, creativity, and sustainability. Their love of design and creativity results in beautiful, minimalist candles with heartfelt messages and icons to inspire you daily. As for sustainability, you can rest assured that every candle is hand-poured into versatile, reusable, ceramic vessels using all-natural soy wax, and 100% cotton wicks. And, you can get 10% off your first order when you sign up for their mailing list.



With all these independent brands, we are just as excited as you to have our homes smelling like lavender, citrus, oak, and everything in between. So, let’s support, share, and #shopindependent because we’re in this together.

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