Soap Brands To Support During Quarantine

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These soap brands will take your cleanliness up a notch. Which is more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s not only important to keep our homes and the surfaces we touch most clean. But, ourselves and the loved ones were in quarantine with. Regardless, before, during, and after quarantine shop these soap brands for shampoos, body washes, and so much more.


Sade Baron


Sade Baron is inspired by the skin and the body’s power to heal and correct itself. Because of that, their products enhance the body’s natural healing process with powerful nutrients in clean, optimally concentrated formulas. As a result, their products repair, moisturize and train your skin to look and feel better. All while working with your skin and its natural process rather than against it. And, when you shop their collection you’ll get free shipping and 15% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter.



Wild Jasmine


Wild Jasmine, based in Vancouver, BC, is a natural apothecary soap and overall body care line. They value sustainability over all else; as a result, they offer effective, affordable, and eco-conscious alternatives to commercial bath & body products. Because of that, you can trust that every product will make you look and feel good. Inside and out. So, shop their collection and get 50% off your second item when you buy the first. To get the deal at checkout use the code SHARINGISCARING.



Les Vides Anges

The origin point of Les Vides Anges dates back to the nineties when the group behind the brand first when while tagging and documenting the streets of Montreal. Fast forward to today, nearly 3 decades later, together they make soaps, skincare products, perfumes, and every other item in your bathroom you can possibly imagine. So whether you’re out of soap or any other body care product, shop Les Vides Anges and get 2 Nature Sauvage bar soaps for only $20.




Most shampoos and conditioners come in plastic bottles that will go to waste as soon as we are done with them. But Liliblanc is changing that. They are an all-natural handmade zero waste cosmetics company. Specializing in shampoos and conditioners, their packaging is made from recyclable materials with an approach to use as little packaging as possible. So much so, that they are apart of the Quebec Zero Waste Association. And for a limited get 15% off with the code RETAIL15.




So to keep you and your loved ones squeaky clean during this pandemic. Shop these brands for all your soap needs. And don’t forget to share, support, and #shopindepent. To do so, check out our website where you will find 100+ brands offering promotions during social distancing.

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