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Quarantine Snacks To Pass The Time

Here are quarantine snacks that will help you pass the time. Because if there’s one thing we’ve learned since being self-isolated, its that human beings can eat not only when they’re hungry but simply because there’s food nearby and nothing better to do. As a result, a lot of us have been eating a lot …

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Brew Great Coffee While Supporting Independent Coffee Shops

As part of Volume’s #ShopIndependent coverage during the COVID-19 Crisis, we wanted to focus on independent coffee shops you can support and how to make a great cup from home.    There’s something about the daily coffee ritual I know many of us love and miss since the implementation of social distancing. The stimulating aroma …

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Brands - Shop Independent

Female-Founded Brands You Can Support During Quarantine

These are female-founded brands you can support during social distancing by shopping their promotions. Yep! Shopping independent has never felt so good. Whether its pet accessories or jewellery brands, these female founders are running promotions from free shipping to discounted products. So here’s the list of promotions you won’t want to miss because nothing says #grlpwr …

independent brands for kids
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Shop These Independent Brands for Kids During Social Distancing

Even though the world around us has stopped, your kids are still growing, experiencing firsts, and growing out of their clothes. For that, they need the right clothes, toys, and books along for that journey with them. On the other hand, some of you may not be parents; but, you may have nieces, nephews, and …

Self-Care Routine
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Shop These Independent Brands To Improve Your Self-care Routine

These independent brands will give your self-care routine the TLC it’s well overdue for. Once upon a time, not too long ago, we were all out and about trying to keep up with our busy schedules. Now, since social distancing, we’ve got a new set of worries. Either way, most of us pay little to …

Digital Strategies During COVID-19
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Need New Ideas to Work on During the Pandemic? Try These 8 Strategies

With COVID-19 pandemic happening so quickly many retail brands are struggling to pivot their strategy and adapt to the new realities. Use this time to improve your business whether that means launching a new product or improving how you communicate with customers. Here are some ideas and examples of how e-commerce brands can embrace change …

Helping independent businesses
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How We Are Supporting Independent Businesses During The Covid-19 Crisis

We chose to change how we support independent businesses while we are closed by starting with why we launched Volume Retail in the first place.  TLDR: We’ve created a directory for businesses to list the promotions they are offering to encourage people to support independent businesses during this time. Create a promotion using the form …

Non-Essential Business Closures
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What Can Non-Essential Business Owners Do While Closed?

This article addresses how Volume Retail is responding to the government-mandated shut down of non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19 crisis, our decision to close, and what other business owners can do during this crisis.   For non-essential business owners and consumers alike, what’s happening in the world around us is terrifying. Most of us are …