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Digital Strategies During COVID-19
COVID-19 Closures - Marketing

Need New Ideas to Work on During the Pandemic? Try These 8 Strategies

With COVID-19 pandemic happening so quickly many retail brands are struggling to pivot their strategy and adapt to the new realities. Use this time to improve your business whether that means launching a new product or improving how you communicate with customers. Here are some ideas and examples of how e-commerce brands can embrace change …

Helping independent businesses
Brands - COVID-19 Closures

How We Are Supporting Independent Businesses During The Covid-19 Crisis

We chose to change how we support independent businesses while we are closed by starting with why we launched Volume Retail in the first place.  TLDR: We’ve created a directory for businesses to list the promotions they are offering to encourage people to support independent businesses during this time. Create a promotion using the form …

Non-Essential Business Closures
Brands - COVID-19 Closures

What Can Non-Essential Business Owners Do While Closed?

This article addresses how Volume Retail is responding to the government-mandated shut down of non-essential businesses due to the COVID-19 crisis, our decision to close, and what other business owners can do during this crisis.   For non-essential business owners and consumers alike, what’s happening in the world around us is terrifying. Most of us are …