Men’s Brands For All The Gentlemen

Written by Maty April 24, 2020 0 comment


These men’s brands are for the gents. So far, most of the brands and promotions we at Volume Retail have spotlighted have been for women. But, fair not, we haven’t forgotten about the guys reading. Or the people looking for gifts for the men in their lives. We’ve got accessories and skincare because men too are deserving of treating themselves and giving their skin the TLC it deserves. So, here is the list of men’s brands we’ve compiled.


Like Grandpa Grooming Products


Like Grandpa Grooming Products was founded by once mechanical engineer Ken. Always having had an interest in manufacturing. He turned that interest into making high-quality grooming and skin-care products for men. So start incorporating skincare in that grooming routine gentlemen for an irritation-free shave. And by doing so, you’ll get free shipping on orders over $45 across Canada.





Truth Belt aims to create high-quality, vegan men’s accessories primarily belts. Because they know that fashion doesn’t have to be cruel to be cool. The brand has been around since 2001. Which means they’ve been making quality, vegan belts for nearly two decades. Long before being vegan and buying vegan was trendy. So, get a belt for yourself or a loved one and you’ll receive 20% off with the code COMPASSION at checkout.



Solid Leather

Solid Leather will make you this promise with every belt: this belt is going to last you a lifetime. That’s right and if you’re not convinced, well, they have 15 years of experience in leatherwork. They’re committed to choosing only the best materials. And have an eye for design and detail. So, you’re guaranteed fashionable and functional belts. All you have to do is visit their website and get free shipping for orders within Canada.



Maker Watch Company


Maker Watch Company makes watches from scratch using unique materials and stabilized wood and resin. On their watches, you’ll find a saying that goes “wear your story”. That’s because they want to create watches that are unique to each customer, compliment clients’ personalities, and tells their story. And for a limited time, get Resin Classic 2.0 watch for only $299 USD or $100 USD off the remainder of their 2019 collection. On top of that, Maker Watch Company is also offering free shipping to Canada & the US.


So whether you or a loved one is looking to improve their skincare routine, get a new statement watch, or add a new piece to your wardrobe. You can count on these men’s brands to get the job done. And don’t forget to share, support, and #shopindependent at