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independent brands for kids

Even though the world around us has stopped, your kids are still growing, experiencing firsts, and growing out of their clothes. For that, they need the right clothes, toys, and books along for that journey with them. On the other hand, some of you may not be parents; but, you may have nieces, nephews, and other kids in your lives. And maybe wondering what to gift them for their upcoming birthday, big milestone, or just because. So, we’ve compiled a list of independent brands for kids and parents for all your shopping needs during social distancing.


Our Story Paper Co.

Our Story Paper Co. creates modern keepsakes & baby books. They use recycled fibres in their keepsake albums and print with vegetable ink. With an eye for details, they carefully handcraft every book themselves. Each book contains photo-inserts between giggles and burps, alongside insightful prompts in colourful shades for those first few steps and words. Making it the perfect way to document all your baby’s precious moments. So, keep your most treasured memories safe with these handmade books and get free shipping within Canada for orders over $75 with the code STAYSAFE.



Mae Tsui founded the brand for kids WKID because she wanted to dress Nori, her daughter, in clothes that let her be herself. WKID is a premium children’s clothing company, 100% crafted in Canada out of super soft bamboo. Their unisex styles are designed for kids that are hyped up on life and get back up when they fall. So, use the cutest code you will ever find on the world wide web “TheSnuggleisReal” and get 20% sitewide. You can also get free shipping for orders over $80 in Canada and $200 in the USA.



Tall Dork and Matching (TDM)

Tall Dork And Matching
Abby Zaitley and her husband, two self-described tall dorks, started Tall Dork and Matching as a blog where they would make unique things for their home, a condo at the time. Now, with a house and a kid, they’re creations center around babies. From best-selling self-love activity books to unique handcrafted toilet steps. Learn more about their home improvement projects on their website. And for a limited time, they are offering free, local contactless delivery for their self-love picture books. Use code GTAFREESHIPPING at checkout. And get 20% off their site with the code KEEPTHEMBUSY. The self-love activity book is also available digitally at a discounted rate, allowing you to print and reprint the pages you enjoyed the most!


Toronto Dog Moms

Toronto Dog Moms

Not all parents have children. Some are parents of their beloved furry babies. That’s where Toronto Dog Moms comes in. Because they make accessories for all the furry babies in the family. With a belief in collaboration and community, they donate part of the proceeds of all sales to the Toronto Humane Society. And for a limited time, the entire line is 30% off.


Lutin de Forêt

Lutin de Forêt is an artisanal, independent business based in Montreal with a goal to bring joy to all people young and old. To bring a little magic to your lives. And to give a little love to the planet at the same time. Inspired and created in the magical forests of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Lutin de Forêt makes unique and handcrafted pixies from organic and sustainable fibres. The founder, Faby, comes from a family of knitters and is offering free shipping for a limited time on all orders.



Tiny Trends By MA

A chemical engineer by day and children’s clothing designer by night, its founder Melany absolutely loves designing and sewing clothes for children. Today, Tiny Trends By MA makes bi-annual collections of kids’ clothing every spring/summer and fall/winter. Tiny Trends does everything themselves from selecting the fabric, cutting it, sewing it, embellishing it, adding the final touches, and packaging. Tiny Trends is offering 10% off their online shop using the code “Friendsandfamily”. And receive free shipping on orders over $150.



If you know of an amazing independent business owner that we should feature in future articles, tell them to share what they are doing during social distancing with us here. Check out the other independent business promotion we’ve curated here. And discover, share, and #shopindependent today.

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